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For Educators

Housing history affects every community. With the Unvarnished teaching resources, we invite you and your students to discover and share the local dimensions of national patterns, and see them through the wide lens of American history.

The four Inquiry modules below are based on the C3 Inquiry Design Model and support National Council on Social Studies and Common Core Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies, Grades 6-12. Each module investigates a compelling question about housing history and guides students to explore supporting questions. Activities engage students in historical thinking, providing opportunities to use primary sources, build historical reasoning, make comparisons, practice chronological thinking, and develop research skills. Inquiries (and the activities within them) can be used singly, or combined into a full unit of study. 


Further Resources

Please see the Unvarnished Resource List for even more resources to use for your own background and/or your classroom.